A beautiful VBAC water birth

A beautiful VBAC water birth

Doula Services

Our focus is on helping you to prepare for the birth of your baby and supporting you when that day arrives.

We offer you a free consultation interview to discuss your needs and questions regarding your interest in birth doula support. Upon hire, which can be at any time in pregnancy, we are available for face-to-face meetings, phone calls, questions, referrals, office visits and more. Typically, we meet at least twice to discuss your plans and hopes for your baby's birth, your preferences, concerns and questions. During this time, we get to know one another. We can review and practice comfort techniques for labor, share information and suggest referrals for pregnancy, birth/postpartum resources as needed.

When the birth day arrives, one of us attends you when we are notified that we are needed, whether at home or hospital. We provide support until after the baby is born and you and baby are settled in. We can take photos throughout if desired.

Finally, we meet again after the birth to see how your family is doing, share pictures, talk about birth, etc. We remain available for phone support as needed.

Being a doula team offers tremendous benefit and security to our clients. Because we attend meetings together, we share the same information and familiarity with our your plans and expectations. In turn, you also get to know us both well and have the peace of mind that you will be comfortable and familiar with the doula who attends your birth. This diminishes worry about an unfamiliar emergency "back-up doula" whom you may have only met briefly, or not at all.


Our fee is very competitive at $700. We accept a variety of payment methods and will always consider payment plans if needed. Just ask! A non-refundable deposit of $200 secures your place on our calendar and we are immediately available to you for 24/7 support. Our contract also details provisions for full & partial refunds.

A direct quote from my husband following the birth of our daughter, β€˜It was the best money we ever spent!’
— Courtney H.