Our clients agree that doula support makes a difference.

Birth can be beautiful, hard, exciting, mysterious, unpredictable, scary, joyous, long or fast, surprising and more. A doula is a guide and companion along the way to support, witness, encourage & celebrate. 


"I was nervous about the birth of my first child, so I wanted a doula with experience that I trusted to help me and advocate for my and my husband’s wishes in the hospital. Michelle and Chris were recommended to me by a friend, and I was so thankful we found them. They listened to our birth goals and made us feel extremely comfortable with our plan and backup plans if anything didn’t go the way we hoped. Chris attended my birth, and was there with us through my entire labor that lasted through the night. She not only supported me, but helped my husband as well and showed him ways he could help me throughout labor. She even took pictures for us - photos I now consider some of the most special in my life. It was an amazing and empowering birth experience, and I’m so happy we had Chris there every step of the way." – Danielle B.


"Michelle and Chris are a dynamic duo! Michelle came over several times before the birth and was a calming force at my delivery. She knows so much, has great relationships with the drs and midwives at the hospitals and was attentive to everything I needed. She even came by after my son was born to help with learning breastfeeding. I refer her to everyone I know and won’t have another baby without her there!"  - Kathryn R.


"Giving birth the way I wanted was THE most powerful and incredible experience of my entire life. Before having your first baby there is so much uncertainty, "can I do this, will I be a good mom, will I be able to give birth without drugs, etc...?" Having a doula help me along the way gave me confidence to know that my body was made to do this and I would be able to handle any obstacles along the way. Michelle met with us several times prior to the birth of both our children in preparation for their arrival. She provided books and reading resources to help inform us of how many people give birth this way every day and that it's truly a life changing experience. I would HIGHLY recommend Michelle and the use of a doula during the birth process as it made me feel like I had someone in my corner who had lots of experience helping bring babies into this world in a natural, peaceful, beautiful way!"  -  Molly W.


"I can't say enough about the value of a doula.  Most certainly, you take the cake.  My births were amazing experiences, dark moments and all,  and you were the even keel that made it possible. I could be 80 years old, talkin' birth, and the memory of your presence at my births will still fill my heart with gratitude."  - Jen T.


"Michelle took the time to get to know me so that during labor she knew just the things to say and do that would be most helpful for me. Even though I was in labor for about 14 hours, she was tirelessly focused on my emotional and physical comfort the entire time.

The best part of having a doula is that they don't have to be splitting their time and focus between you and the medical side of things. It's all about supporting you, emotionally and physically."   - Megan F.


"Michelle made the birth of my second child one that was as close to perfect as possible. She was the soft voice that wouldn't let me give up, that encouraged me to push that one last time and that congratulated me when it was over. She helped my husband understand different ways to help me so he felt involved in the process and she caught a few perfect pictures just afterward of my little man. Also, the prenatal and followup visits were irreplaceable, since knowing someone was there for me and checking up on me helped me know where I could go ask questions." - Sarah G.

"A direct quote from my husband following the birth of our daughter: "The best money we've ever spent!"  Not only was the support from Michelle during the birth so paramount, but she was a supporting hand throughout our pregnancy, as well as post-birth where she took the time out of her day on more than one occasion to sit with me and discuss areas of concern that any new mom may struggle with.  There's so much to be said for having someone as experienced as Michelle with you in the delivery room - she made herself right at home from the very moment we walked in the room, which provided me with the confidence that I needed to focus solely on myself and the baby.  It wasn't until afterwards, when I spoke with my husband and mother about that day, that it was pointed out to me all of the things that she had done that went unnoticed by me at the time, because I simply didn't have to worry about it - from fighting to ensure that I was able to use the shower, to kindly requesting that the doctor not require me to use stirrups to push as it was clear that my body and the baby had other plans.  Just wow - little did I know what a huge impact she had on the experience going so smoothly, and we truly can not thank her enough!"   - Courtney H.


"Michelle was my doula for my first birth 11 years ago. She connected me with books, childbirth education classes, lactation consultants and other local resources. I prepared for a natural birth but my baby was persistently breech and so I had a scheduled c-section instead. Michelle helped me adjust to my change of plans and prepare for a surgical birth. She helped me understand what was happening every step of the way and kept my family members calm and informed. The photos she took in OR are precious. After the birth, I had trouble breastfeeding, but because of the resources Michelle connected me with pre-natally, I was able to overcome the early difficulties and successfully nurse.

Though my son's birth was much different than I had originally envisioned, it was a positive experience and set me off on the path to be a breastfeeding counselor, birth doula and Hypnobabies instructor. It has become a passion to give the support to other women that I received from Michelle. I've gone on to have two other babies (in other cities or I would have hired Michelle again) with doula support via unmedicated, Hypnobabies VBACs. Michelle is highly experienced, responsive, compassionate and professional. If it is related to birth and babies in Erie, Michelle knows. I encourage every pregnant woman to explore having a doula-supported birth."   - Karen Z.


"Both Michelle and Chris are amazing and so kind. Michelle was my doula for both of my home births and I can’t say enough WONDERFUL things about her. My births were so beautiful and calming because of her. I highly recommend any pregnant mama to consider using them as part of their birth team. It’s worth every penny and more."   - Sarah G.


"Michelle was the greatest asset through both my pregnancies and labor and delivery. She helped me navigate through some major changes in my pregnancy and helped my husband and myself during labor and delivery. We always felt informed and supported. I don’t know what we would have done without her help. I highly recommend using Michelle she is the best!!!"  - Rachel A.


"Finding out you are pregnant is an amazing thing, except when you have ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Almost immediately, I started to doubt myself and my abilities to carry a baby, give birth, and take care of baby after he/she entered this crazy world of ours....we knew we would need support to help us with this very big step in our lives. In came Michelle! Michelle came to our home, and brought her very positive and strong knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and realities of what could happen. We would call Michelle when we had questions and we worked closely with our midwife. We prepared by gaining as much knowledge about birth as we could. Michelle met us at the hospital and we started our amazing birth journey. It was painful, but with Michelle there to coach my husband on what to do and give him breaks, things went really well. Chris said that Michelle's support helped him to help me in a way that he would have never known how to do. She helped him to take care of himself during labor and delivery and let him be as involved as he wanted to be, which for him was as much as humanly possible. We had such an amazing experience the first time around that we decided to call on Michelle again when we found out we were pregnant again. This experience with Michelle helped my husband and I to see just how powerful and strong we are as a couple and how I could, despite my disclosed mental health struggles, listen to my body and my baby to make birth the amazing and beautiful experience it is meant to be."  - Janae, Chris, Corbin & Lydia F.