Cesarean Awareness: Reduce Risk Tip # 5 - Avoid Common Interventions

Truth? If you have chosen to birth outside of the hospital, this tip is much easier to do. But let's be honest (is there any reason not to be?) - iIf you are giving birth at a local hospital in Erie, PA, avoiding interventions isn't always easy to do. So, if we want to pursue healthy birth practices, we need to be prepared to have discussions with our providers about their practices.  Some of the common interventions still routinely practiced today include: restrictions on eating and drinking, routine rupture of your waters, and continuous fetal monitoring via belts or internally, which can also restrict your movements during labor and pushing.  That's not to say none of these interventions should never be employed. There is a time and place. The problem is when these interventions are routinely employed, even on low-risk women, without regard to preference or need.  Ample evidence has shown that rather than help, these interventions can often lead to the very outcomes they seek to avoid.  This is why education is one of your best tools (Tip #4) so that you can discuss your provider's approach beforehand and better evaluate their use in your particular circumstance when the time comes. If your caregiver is not open to discussing things, or brushes off your concerns with a "don't worry, just trust me", don't think things will magically change on birth day. Get a new provider, it's never too late to change.