Even ACOG Says....

I'm not a huge fan of ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists). My personal ambivalence has to do with the potential conflicts of interest in their own vision statement: to serve women's health (advocacy, practice & research) and to serve their own members. Unfortunately,  these intentions sometimes travel in opposite directions!  Nonetheless, it's interesting to review ACOG recommendations. It seems to take a long time for ACOG recommendations to reflect the evidence, and then even longer to put them into practice. How about your provider? Is she or he trying to keep up with evidence based practices? Click HERE for some better-late-then-never recommendations regarding inductions, ultrasounds and more. Be informed.

If you appreciate and value this sort of information and would like to evaluate the evidence for yourself, please visit Rebecca Dekker's excellent site, Evidence Based Birth!!