Cesarean Rates in Erie, PA

Cesarean Rates in Erie, PA continue to be excessive.

A review of CesareanRates.com* for data from our local hospitals shows the following for 2012:

Millcreek Community Hospital 34.35%

Saint Vincent Medical Center  31.34%
UPMC Hamot Women's Hospital  38.68%

23.9% or less is the target rate for PA, USA, Healthy People 2020

The PA State Department of Health has published a report of preliminary data for 2013. There is very little change in the local rates. Lag time for reporting is about 1.5 yrs, so data for 2014 should be made public in early fall of 2016. I called each hospital listed above to inquire if they would voluntarily share their most recent rates. Only Saint Vincent shared information - by phone, undocumented - and stated that their 2015 cearean rate was 30%. This is the best of all our local hospitals and is moving in the right direction, but there is still a long, long way to go. Be informed, be prepared. - Michelle


*About the site:

CesareanRates.com launched February 9, 2012, as a snapshot of online cesarean rate reporting in the United States. Most recently updated in January 2015, the site compiles the most current hospital-level data accessible to the public online, whether reported directly by a state’s department of health or gathered from state hospital association web sites via pull-down menus.
The initial goals of the site were to a) show the quality and inaccessibility of information available to the public, b) to assess whether there is public demand for this information and c) to work toward establishing a precedent for hospital data transparency.