I could be 80 years old talkin’ birth, and the memory of your presence at my births will still fill my heart with gratitude.
— Jen T.
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About Us

Erie Doulas are Michelle Totleben and Christine Reinelt, NWPA's most experienced birth doula team. Together, we have served hundreds of women in the Erie, PA region for 17+ years in our doula practices. Over that time, we often helped each other and shared a similar approach and philosophy in our doula work. In 2014, we officially teamed up to offer our clients, and each other, rock-solid support and the benefits of our combined experience.

We are passionate about healthy birth and dedicated to helping women and families to experience birth in an atmosphere of respect, safety and trust.  We support their pursuit of the best care that reflects their specific needs and preferences.

Women will always remember their births. We want those memories to be the best they can be.

Our View of Birth

We believe that pregnancy and childbirth are normal and natural processes that generally require little interference.

We believe that pregnancy and birth have the power to transform and are filled with opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth.

We believe women should be able to remember their births with deep satisfaction because they were respected, supported, educated and a full participant in every decision a bout their care every step of the way.

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Giving birth the way I wanted to was THE most powerful and incredible experience of my life.
— Molly W.